In The Rear View Mirror
Are you standing in our blindspot?

This is clearly our spoofy perception of life and current events in the 21st century. What we post at “In The Rear View Mirror" is for the mind-altering entertainment of our readers and if you don’t get it, we probably can’t help you there. Maybe you’re just standing in our blind spot.

Enjoy the ride! DK$KA

ITRVM Bio is a creative collaboration between Writer DK King and Artist KA Collins designed to deliver a satirical, humorous twist on everyday life and current events in an editorial styled blog.

An ironic parody of the obvious and absurd in the collective eyes of the collaborators, the stories are often visionary, and at times even futuristic, with messages sprinkled throughout in the form of double entendres, metaphors and a between-the-lines symbolism. So you might want to pay attention.

Our narratives are ultimately devised to inspire introspection regarding the many dualities we have interwoven within our present reality. And frankly, some of this stuff is just downright funny. Go ahead, laugh all you want as we drive you along the scenic route while occasionally looking back “In The Rear View Mirror”. 

And you thought you saw it right the first time……

And you thought you saw it right the first time…

And you thought you saw it right the first time…